Get your hands on this Tamarind Red Lentil Soup recipe and you’ll never look back. It’s easy to make and it’s healthy, yet hearty and filling. You can even freeze it after you’ve made it to have for lunch for the rest of the week. It’s delicious, nutritious, and oh so easy!

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Tamarind Red Lentil Soup
Tamarind Red Lentil Soup
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This hearty, spicy soup is a favourite at our house for fall and winter. It’s great to have on the weekend when it’s cold outside, but you still want to enjoy delicious vegetarian food. We also love to have this soup for dinner parties, especially if we’re having vegans over. They’re always thrilled to find out there are options for them without making any special requests.

Lentils are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They’re high in protein and fibre and can be used to make a variety of dishes. They’re especially tasty in soups such as this Red Lentil Soup. Tamarind Red Lentil Soup is a healthy meal option that can be served hot or cold and is full of flavour.

Tamarind Red Lentil Soup

Spicy Red Lentil Soup
Spicy Red Lentil Soup

This simple, hearty red lentil soup is loaded with fibre and protein. And the beauty of it is that it’s just as delicious cold as it is hot! The tamarind concentrate makes this soup tangy and gives it a nice kick. It’s best to use homemade red lentils for this recipe since they have a much better texture than store-bought ones.

Red lentils are an excellent source of dietary fibre, which promotes bowel regularity. Dietary fibre also helps regulate your blood sugar levels, which reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Finally, dietary fibre can help reduce your risk of developing diverticulitis or haemorrhoids.

The temperature is dropping and I know we’re all thinking about what we might be eating for Christmas day. I love this time of year for so many reasons, one of which is the amazing food and flavours you can enjoy with family and friends. If you’re after a healthy meal option that’s delicious, filling and packed with great nutritional value, look no further than my Tamarind Red Lentil Soup!

Lentil soup is a healthy soup that you can have at any time. It is easy to prepare and nutritious. Tamarind Red Lentil Soup is prepared by adding tamarind paste, curry leaves, diced tomatoes, coriander leaves, cumin powder, red lentil, salt and dried red chili peppers. It is prepared in coconut oil with onion, tomato, coconut paste and spices. It is very flavorful and tasty.

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Lentils are a superb healthy meal option and I’m talking about the red ones here. They taste great and they’re so versatile. I’ve recently made a fantastic red lentil soup and it’s really easy to make. Tamarind is great for adding flavour and if you don’t have any, just leave it out. I’m sure the soup will still be delicious. Read on to find out how to make this!

A healthy meal option that the entire family can enjoy is hard to find, but this tamarind red lentil soup recipe is just that! This nutritious soup is packed with protein and fibre, and it’s really easy to make. It’s a great option for lunch or an easy weeknight dinner, and it’s also a good source of iron and calcium.

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Tamarind Red Lentil Soup is a healthy meal option that is just perfect for the autumn season. It is easy to prepare and can be made in large batches. You can keep it in the refrigerator for up to five days. This recipe tasted great even my very picky husband loved it! It is also a quite economical recipe since lentils are affordable and you can buy them at any local store.

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Tamarind Red Lentil Soup is a healthy meal option